Sampo Leino

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Do, learn, teach - repeat 💪 That’s my culture!

I’m on a mission to build a future where every professional passes on their knowledge directly - Bypassing gatekeepers and democratizing education.

Entrepreneur, designer, film maker, coder, gamer, YouTube-binger, major nerd, father, lifelong learner & teacher.

Past classes
Crisis in Lifelong learning! – findings of an EdTech founder

Fri, September 20 11:00 AM
Dare to Learn, Helsinki
99 €
Keikkakouluttajien aamukahvi

Mon, September 9 9:30 AM
A Grid, Espoo
29 €
Blackmagic Production Camera workshop

Mon, March 18 10:00 AM
Business College Helsinki, Helsinki
49 €

A great lesson where he created a space we could both generate creative ideas.

Marc Desilets

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Attended classes
Rakenna vahva henkilöbrändi

Mia Munini
Wed, March 20 9:00 AM
VillageWorks, Freda, Helsinki
Erimielisyysoppia asiakastyöskentelyyn

Elisa Heikura
Wed, May 15 5:00 PM
Mothership of Work, Supernova, Tampere