Learning is not a zero-sum game. The more we learn, the more we learn. And the broader the base, the easier it is to build on that.

The biggest obstacle for our learning is often our own misconception that we canโ€™t do or arenโ€™t good at something. Learning is at the core of being human and we can all learn anything.

In this training in addition to processing the meaning of life we will learn how the basics of programming help with understanding biological systems and understanding electronics with enabling insights.

In addition to the theoretical part, every single attendee gets to dive into the core of their own skills and knowledge and find the most important building blocks for learning something new.

In this training you will learn

  • Why Learning Everything makes sense
  • Where to start
  • How to apply what you already know in learning

Who is this training for?

People who want to understand themselves and the world better to make learning easier.


  • 5 min before starting time – Arrival
  • 15 min โ€“ The Purpose of Life
  • 30 min โ€“ The theoretical building blocks of learning
  • 15 min โ€“ Break
  • 30 min โ€“ Get your blocks in a row
  • 10 min โ€“ Break
  • 40 min โ€“ Guided building practice
  • 10 min โ€“ Closing

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